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International markets

Minimize uncertainty on your way to the target!

There is no business without risk. Successful players differ from unsuccessful ones, besides other things, by not being afraid to take risk and assume uncertainty. However, continuous risk without any kind of protection is not a characteristic of a wise strategist. When talking about money, your success depends on the skills of predicting business risks and timely interruption of all unpredictable circumstances which can influence the implementation of your goals by choosing respective protection measures.

By recognizing the constant demand of successful and ambitious companies to improve their business on international markets, we have made a strong effort to offer you, for the first time on this market, a package of optimal financial instruments whose aim is to lighten your way towards reaching your strategic objectives.



To companies which want to further improve their business performance on international market we offer a package of modern financial instruments whose purpose is to facilitate the achievement of their strategic objectives.

Broker-dealer affairs

UniCredit Bank offers to its client’s brokerage services consisting in trading on the primary and also on the secondary market.


Thanks to the results achieved with currency trade, deposits and securities on the inter-banking market, UniCredit Bank became the market leader in Serbia in this business sector.


To clients who plan to invest in Serbia we offer services of the depo business. As a member of the leading banking group in Central and Eastern Europe, we open the door of Serbian capital market to potential foreign investors.

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